Terms and conditions

The orders and sales on the webshop are offered to you by www.thebikeoutlet.be, Brussels, Belgium. These terms and conditions are those of the seller. The company acts based on the Belgian law system.

 Under “buyer” is understood any visitor, person or legal person  that buys one or more products on the webshop. The current terms and conditions apply only for orders that have been done on the webshop www.thebikeoutlet.be.

 The seller is active in Belgium, Luxemburg,  The Netherlands, Germany and France and will only accept delivery to a correct and complete address in one of these countries. Thebikeoutlet.be does not accept delivery to a PO.

 By placing an order the buyer declares to have taken notice of these terms and conditions and to have agreed with them.

If a legal instance declares one of the conditions invalid, all the other terms and conditions remain valid integrally.

The sales agreement between seller and buyer starts after the order of the (potential) buyer is explicitly accepted by the seller. The seller will confirm the order to the buyer by e-mail. The agreement starts when the buyer receives the order confirmation.

The seller reserves the right to refuse an order or to unbind a sales agreement without owing the buyer any kind of compensation. However, the seller will return the potential payments, done by the buyer. This especially when in the past there have been problems with the buyer or members of his family, when there has been a problem in the past with the delivery address and in case of pending invoices.

The prices displayed on the webshop are in € (euro) and include all taxes.

The seller reserves the right to change the prices at all times. The price on the invoice will be the price displayed on the moment the order has been confirmed. The seller cannot be held responsible for any (writing) errors in its offers of which the buyer would have to reasonably agree that it is a (writing) error.

The price to be paid by the buyer is the one appearing on the order confirmation. The seller reserves the right to change the price of a product after the start of a sales agreement, on the base of changes in price due to transportation costs, new taxes or (writing) errors.

If the price is higher than the original price, the buyer has the right to unbind the agreement without costs. However, the seller has no obligation to compensate the buyer in any way.

The products remain property of the seller until the full and correct price has been paid and received.

For orders on the webshop the buyer can pay with credit card (Visa/Mastercard) and with Bancontact/Mister Cash.

When paying with the above mentioned paying system, the buyer naturally agrees with the terms and conditions of the payment system hosts involved. Moreover, the seller does not have any part in the agreement between the buyer and the host of the payment system.

The seller will try to guarantee the security of its webshop users, but cannot be held responsible for damage done by using the webshop or damage by third parties abusing the webshop or the payment system.

The seller respects the rules of return of payments done by the consumer, based on the Belgian 14 of July 1991 law regarding commerce and protection of the consumer.

Products will be sent to the delivery address that the buyer has given (home address or other).

Naturally the seller will try to deliver the goods as fast as possible. However, the delivery times displayed on the website are merely indicative.

When the goods cannot be delivered within 30 days after confirming the order, a new delivery time can be agreed between seller and buyer. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement, the sales agreement will be unbound and the seller will return the potential payments done by the buyer.

The Belgian law of 14th of July 1991 allows the consumer to cancel the purchase within 7 days after receiving the goods. In this case, the goods have to be returned to the seller in original and undamaged package and this within the same 7 days. The goods have to be sent back with all the accessories, the manual, (a copie of) the invoice and the delivery form.

Incomplete, dirty or damaged goods cannot be returned.

Maximum 30 days after accepting the returned goods, the buyer will return the potential payments done by the buyer. This excludes any transportation costs.

Privacy. Your personal data will be stored in the seller’s system to allow him to correctly handle transactions. Once the data has been stored, ordering will be fast and easy.

The seller respects the Belgian law of 8th of December 1992 regarding the processing of personal data, changed by the law of 11th of December 1998. This law states that the person or company collecting the data needs permission of the person involved. The data needs to be relevant, just and correct and has to be collected for specific, clear and legal purposes. The person involved needs to be able to access his/her own information and change it.

The seller cannot pass on the personal information to other organizations.

Gift cheques. Gift cheques of thebikeoutlet.be are only valid for purchases on www.thebikeoutlet.be. They are non-refundable and valid until 12 months after the purchase date.